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With a professional background in occupational psychology we are committed to bringing about development and sustained performance improvement for individual doctors, clinical teams and senior levels of healthcare management.

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23-01-2018 13:49:14 in General by Dr. Megan Joffe
The blog on resilience from nhsManagers.net (15/1/2018) mentions how tough it is to work in the NHS given all the pressure we know about and are reminded about each day in the press. The focus of the blog is on the experience of the staff who work in these excessively pressurized conditions. Staff have to maintain their sense of purpose and compassion as well as continue to care for their own fami...


15-12-2017 15:46:02 in General by Dr. Megan Joffe
In December 2016, Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, stated that he would introduce legislation that would force Trusts to collect, estimate and publish data about their number of preventable deaths. This data would be published “quarterly, along with evidence on what resultant “learning and action” has been taken‎, so that “local patients and the public can see whether...


17-10-2017 16:02:00 in General by Dr. Megan Joffe
It is noticeable in my work with clinical teams in difficulty, especially where operational matters are one of the strong contributing features of the dysfunction that the team has not had stable management support. Managers are often new and inexperienced, their tenure is short affording them little time to accumulate experience and their responsibilities are too broad for them to invest sustaine...


23-08-2017 15:26:06 in General by Dr. Megan Joffe
In the Health Service Journal (22nd August), Rob Behrens, the new head of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO), warned that the NHS was still too defensive about mistakes and that it failed to invest in proper complaint handling. He goes on to say that neither the NHS nor the PHSO used mediation and early resolution actions to deal with complaints, which he wanted to see introduce...


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