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13-09-2016 13:56:16 in General by Dr. Megan Joffe
What constitutes effective team working behaviour on the part of individuals? All the usual behaviours such as good communication, being co-operative and collaborative, working towards the common goal etc. are typical examples. However, Felps et al (2006) identified three specific high level behavioural expectations that are necessary for effective team working – these are somewhat outside t...


19-08-2016 16:27:26 in General by Dr. Megan Joffe
Following on from the first blog in this series on teams and team working behaviour, this blog focuses on West’s fourth condition for effective team working, which is that the team develops through reflexivity and regular coaching. We learn that “Teams are more effective and innovative to the extent that they routinely take time out to reflect upon their objectives, strategies, pr...


29-07-2016 09:21:40 in General by Dr. Megan Joffe
Two articles in the HSJ (16/6/2016) about teams in two different Trusts refer to difficult relationships in teams and suggest that “patients could come to harm”. That poor team relationships can negatively affect patients has been well researched and documented - see Mazocco et al, 2009 as just one example, and read Joshua’s Story about Morecombe Bay as another. This series of bl...


05-07-2016 13:51:50 in General by Dr. Megan Joffe
Notwithstanding the seriousness of the Brexit situation, the Labour Party process of leadership selection and any plots, plans and rumours, the current leadership impasse in the Labour Party is instructive. Our Primary Colours leadership module is based on having a balance of strategic, operational and interpersonal capabilities. One of the important features affecting a leader’s strategic ...


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