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Edgecumbe's Responsible Officer 360°

Sign up for our trial offer of the new 360° developed specifically for Responsible Officers

In line with the requirement for all Responsible Officers to complete a 360-degree feedback process before March 2013, Edgecumbe Health have developed a new Responsible Officer questionnaire directly based on the competencies drawn from the role of the Responsible Officer, outlined by the Revalidation Support Team. Through collaboration with trusted Responsible Officer advisers, the Edgecumbe Responsible Officer 360° has been created online and involves the Responsible Officer and their colleagues completing 20 questions, with additional open comments questions.


Using our state-of-the-art online platform the process can take as little as 2 weeks. We are currently offering a trial price of £49 +VAT. Upon completion of the trial process you will be requested to provide us with your feedback on the questionnaire. The final Edgecumbe Responsible Officer 360° product will be available to all Responsible Officers for the price of £75 +VAT once the trial has been completed.


To sign up for the trial, simply complete the form below with the name and email address of the Responsible Officer, and invoice details. We will then send an invitation email to the RO with their instructions to begin. 


If you have any queries please email quoting “R.O. 360” in the email subject.



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