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Forensic 360

Edgecumbe's Forensic Physician 360

Edgecumbe's Forensic Physician 360 has been specifically designed to capture feedback from a range of clinical and custody staff on the performance of a Forensic Physician. Forensic Physicians will be asked to nominate a range of colleagues to provide feedback for them including:


  • Senior Colleagues - those that the Forensic Physician reports to - Includes senior police officer (inspectors and above) and senior medical person (Medical Director/ line manager/ tutor/ trainer/ appraiser)

  • Clinical Peers - those that work in similar roles as the Forensic Physician - Includes other Forensic Physicians, custody nurses, paramedics, etc.

  • Custody Team Members - those that interact with the Forensic Physician - Includes police officers, designated detention officers, custody sergeants, custody managers etc. and external service providers, including solicitors, health professionals, independent custody visitors, social workers, SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer), PCSO (Police Community Support Officer), etc.


Once colleagues have been nominated they will be sent an email invite asking them to complete feedback using our online 360 system. The Forensic Physician will also be contacted to provide feedback through a self-assessment. Raters will be asked to complete a 23 item questionnaire, structured under the 4 domains of Good Medical Practice and developed in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police Service. This questionnaire should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete. Once all feedback is collected a final report will be sent to the Forensic Physician along with guidance on how to interpret the report.


The 360 process will take around 4 - 5 weeks to complete, depending on the time taken to nominate colleagues. If a 360 is required sooner, please contact us and we can arrange the nomination and feedback deadlines accordingly.


The cost of the Forensic Physician 360 is £99 + VAT and it is available to buy online.


To start your Forensic Physician 360 please fill out the form below which will direct you to the checkout to make your payment. Subject to PayPal payment, we will set up the Forensic Physician entered in the order form onto our online system within 2 working days.


If you have any further question of queries please contact us at health360@edgecumbe.co.uk


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