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Additional Appraisal Training Programmes


Appraisee Revalidation Ready

Your doctors will require careful briefing about how to assemble the right supporting information, how to get the best out of multi-source feedback and how to write a personal development plan and how to prepare to get the best from their appraisal discussion. We can provide an online self-study package and option for a workshop that will ensure they are fully prepared. The course content can be tailored towards the MAG form, PReP system or any other system you may be using.


Appraisal & Revalidation Strategy

We work with your Responsible Officer/Medical Revalidation Lead to refresh and agree your strategy for revalidation in your Designated Body. The primary aim of this workshop is to create the right conditions for appraisal and revalidation, it also includes an update on all the important developments to ensure your standards and processes are fit for purpose.


Appraising Appraisers

Edgecumbe Health have designed a workshop focused on how to ensure your appraisers are appraised and developed in the right way.


Train the Trainer

With our help, some Edgecumbe clients have taken the task of training their medical appraisers in-house. Our two day workshop gets them fully up to speed with the national guidance and our training materials.


NEW: Gaining Compliance in Appraisal

At Edgecumbe Health we are aware that some doctors struggle with or don't know how to organise their supporting information and reach GMC requirements in time for their appraisal, which can ultimately cause delays, deferrals and extra administration for the Revalidation Team. Edgecumbe Health has introduced this innovative course for experienced appraisers. It is specifically designed to inform your appraisers how to support and ensure that all of their appraisee doctors are Appraisal and Revalidation ready.

This is a bespoke workshop, meaning that your organisation's values can be incorporated into this programme and it can be specifically tailored to suit your needs, systems and processes.



Programme Outlines



Suitable for 


Appraisee revalidation ready

Online programme for all doctors to help them prepare for appraisal and revalidation covering latest guidance, their responsibilities, MSF, PDP, etc

Consultants & GPs

Three hours online self-study

Appraisal & Revalidation Strategy

A facilitated team workshop to prepare the designated body to meet their revalidation requirements and comply with best practice 

Revalidation leadership team

Two options:   Half day or full day

Appraising  appraisers

Assessment workshop with a developmental input to assess and develop the capability of appraisers using simulation and feedback


Two options:   Half day or full day

Train the Trainer

Workshop for up to six people to train them to deliver medical appraiser training to meet required standards

Participants are likely to be medical educationalists, experienced appraisers with training experience or L & D professionals

Two options: Two day workshop with some self-study to deliver full day workshop


One day workshop plus self study to deliver blended programme

Gaining Compliance in Appraisal

Bespoke workshop focused on making your appraisers confident in their ability to assist all your doctors to become GMC compliant, ready for their Appraisal and Revalidation.

Experienced Appraisers

One day workshop


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“Edgecumbe are able to assess the situation, able to bend to what our needs were and able to offer a depth of knowledge and skills that moved us on. The course generated a high level of enthusiasm that we will need to take appraisal forward.”

Delegate at Experienced Appraisers Workshop

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