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Appraiser and Appraisee Training

Key to the success of appraisal and revalidation is high quality training of medical appraisers. We have a full range of programmes for new or experienced appraisers. Our training courses are available as face to face workshops or in blended learning format, combining self-study online with short skills development workshops.


ProgrammeDescriptionSuitable forFormat

Essential Skills

Comprehensive introduction to medical appraisal including some skills work

New or inexperienced appraisers

Blended programme (5 hours online self-study + one day workshop)

Top up training

Top up workshop includes updates on all developments, refresh of key skills using MSF and difficult appraisals

Experienced appraisers

Half day workshop

Experienced appraisers masterclass

For experienced appraisers to gain and practice more advanced skills. The focus of the workshop is around difficult appraisals

Experienced appraisers

Half day workshop

Option for blended programme (5 hours online self-study + half day workshop)


For further information about any of our medical appraisal and revalidation services, please call 0117 332 8255 or email enquiries@edgecumbe.co.uk





“Edgecumbe are able to assess the situation, able to bend to what our needs were and able to offer a depth of knowledge and skills that moved us on. The course generated a high level of enthusiasm that we will need to take appraisal forward.”

Delegate at Experienced Appraisers Workshop

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