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Medical Appraiser Training

Delegates cite that they find value in the interactive and skills-focused nature of the courses, which use practical and real examples. Working in small groups allows for clear guidance on questioning techniques from the tutor and facilitates a more challenging and stimulating environment in which to learn.


2017 Survey

95% of course attendees would recommend this course to a colleague*



Appraisee Course

Very useful to have small group discussions with real world examples

New Appraiser Course

Excellent course content, teaching and presentations
Good group interactions
Group appraisal role play
I found the small group sessions on practising new skills helpful
I found the whole course very helpful - it will help me to become a new appraiser, and will also help my role as educational supervisor
Interactive mock appraisal sessions
Good on-line learning
Practice sessions - they helped build confidence for this role in future
Relating examples to real life scenarios
Role play appraisals - good opportunity to practice skills
Small group exercises - allows personal experience
Steady pace - allows enough reflection
Small Group. Excellent direction of diverse conversation by tutor to relevant parts for course
Structured approach / helpful to understand how to ask questions
Thorough, friendly and accessible
Very supportive and encouraging environment
Well structured, practical sessions

Existing Appraiser Course

Clear, structured explanations
Good encouragement of participation and discussion
Good to have a chance to share experience with a range of colleagues
Learning from colleagues, sharing ideas
Motivation and questioning method
New update and summary
Update and the appraisal process, in particular what is the aim
Update on information re appraisal
Useful update, options for difficult appraisals


*Response data taken from all 105 course evlauation forms completed in 2017.

2016 Survey

98% of course attendees would recommend this course to a colleague*

New Appraiser Course

Well organised and structured
Excellent course Very practical workshop, very good examples Adding value.
Making appraisals personal Focus on reflection and asking open questions and how to lead appraisal towards smart PDP Clarity re purpose of appraisal and key components
How to do an appraisee centred structured appraisal
I really enjoyed this one day course, very well prepared, focussed and with measurable difference
Examples of better questions/real time feedback
Interactive Nature - took questions seriously
How to turn listening skills into insightful comment and PDP
Appraisal is constructive/coaching not punitive
Summary of role of appraiser and purpose
Hands on workshop: appraisal discussion Well-structured and to the point and loved the exercises. Good practice
Interactive, small group. Online modules are good
Whole course was useful but I find the giving feedback part very useful as this is the most important bit and one struggles to do it properly

Existing Appraiser Course

Really improved understanding of the process
Approach of the tutor - thoughtful and challenging
Review of the thought process needed to tackle the process. Other colleagues insights and experience
Refreshed thoughts on all aspects of appraisal especially a difficult appraisee 



*Response data taken from all 194 course evlauation forms completed in 2016.


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2017 Survey

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“Edgecumbe are able to assess the situation, able to bend to what our needs were and able to offer a depth of knowledge and skills that moved us on. The course generated a high level of enthusiasm that we will need to take appraisal forward.”

Delegate at Experienced Appraisers Workshop

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