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Managing Concerns Workshop

Managing concerns workshop

A workshop or blended learning programme for medical and HR managers

One of the biggest challenges for any Clinical Leader, Medical Manager or HR team is tackling concerns about individual doctors, or difficulties between members of clinical teams. The majority of such concerns relate to behavioural issues, including poor working relationships, conflict, poor team working, personality clashes and resistance to change.


The aim of the workshop

The aim of our one day workshop is to enable those who lead, manage and educate doctors to address concerns about doctors and teams with greater knowledge, skill and sustained effectiveness.


Learning objectives

The workshop enables participants to develop:


  • Further insights into the underlying causes of performance difficulties (with emphasis on behavioural and personality factors).

  • Strategies and skills for handling concerns about doctors or teams.

  • Ways of detecting and acting on early warning signs.

  • Clarity about their role, and when to escalate the problem.

  • Knowledge about alternative sources of help and when to access these.


Format of the Workshops

  • This is a one day workshop for a recommended maximum of 15 participants.
  • The emphasis is on case-based discussion, latest evidence and theory, and practical skills and strategies.
  • Skills practice sessions.


Please note: We can tailor the workshop to focus either on individual doctors, clinical teams, or a combination of both.


How to book a workshop or blended learning programme

Please email jackie.brace@edgecumbe.co.uk to book a workshop, call 0117 3328255, or complete the form on this page.

Our consultants will come to a venue of your choice at a date convenient to you.


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“I really enjoyed it and found it really helpful crystallising in my mind what plans we need to put in place as a Deanery for firming up how we manage doctors in difficulty. As usual a very professional and evidence based workshop”

Alison Carr Deputy Post Graduate Dean
SW Peninsula Deanery

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