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Medical Revalidation Quality Assurance

Medical Revalidation Quality Assurance (MRQA)

Edgecumbe provide designated bodies with an independant, external assessment of your organisation's revalidation system.


How does it work?

Our review examines the procedures and systems that support the process by which the Responsible Officer makes judgements. The review includes interviews, process audit, confidential appraiser and appraisee surveys and key document reviews. Reports highlight areas meeting or failing to meet requirements with recommendations for improvement.



  • Interviews with relevant individuals within the organisation who are directly involved with the revalidation process to review the key processes and documentation.
  • Surveys of both appraisers and appraisees to understand their experience of the appraisal and revalidation process within their organisation.
  • Review of appraisal outputs to assess the quality of the outputs - do the outputs comply with guidance and meet best practice.


Based on the findings from our research, we write a detailed report which includes:


  • Executive Summary.
  • Reviews of: The Designated Body, Responsible Officer (RO), Organisational Governance, The Appraisal System and Evaluation of the Appraisal Outputs.
  • Conclusion & Recommendations.


For further information, call Rebecca Lees on 0117 3328277 or email rebecca.lees@edgecumbe.co.uk

"Edgecumbe Health’s review of our appraisal and revalidation system and practices was professionally carried out, detailed and insightful. The report provided a very clear picture of our position and the areas for further development. I would recommend their process to any Designated Body."

Professor Max Marshall
Medical Director
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

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