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Training for Educational Supervisors

Training for Educational Supervisors

A one day workshop to prepare consultants for the role, with access to our online resource centre for Educational Supervisors


The context

The Educational Supervisor has always been an important role in the training of doctors. However, it has become increasingly important with the introduction of the ARCP and work-place based assessments (WPBA). The importance of an Educational Supervisor who is interested and involved in the trainee’s progress cannot be emphasised enough.


The Gold Guide defines the Educational Supervisor as the “doctor responsible for making sure that the trainee receives appropriate training and experience through developing clear objectives based on the relevant specialty curriculum. The Educational Supervisor is responsible through the Postgraduate Dean’s educational contract both for educational and workplace based appraisal of the trainee”.


The workshop

Edgecumbe has designed a one day workshop, in conjunction with the Oxford and Wessex Deaneries, to prepare consultants for the role of Educational Supervisor for Foundation Year, specialist and other trainee doctors. This workshop is designed in four modules which cover:


  • The role of the Educational Supervisor and the basic principles of learning.

  • Educational appraisal and feedback.

  • Managing a trainee in difficulty.

  • Giving career advice.


Skills covered during these modules include how to develop a learning contract, conducting an effective and motivating educational appraisal and addressing performance concerns.


Our approach

Workshops are highly interactive using case studies, role plays and a DVD. We encourage Supervisors to share their concerns around supervisees as well as their ideas for managing different situations. This workshop can be tailored to specific specialty needs to include, for example, portfolio specifications and specialty specific competencies and expectations.


For more information

If you would like to discuss or commission this workshop or blended learning programme please call 0117 3328255 or email enquiries@edgecumbe.co.uk

“This was better than I expected. It was pitched at the right level – the group was well matched. I learnt a lot of theory as well as practical measures.”

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