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The TPD Development Programme

The TPD development programme

This is a new and unique blended learning programme for Training Programme Directors (TPDs). The programme has been co-developed with Oxford Deanery.


This programme is generically designed to prepare consultants for the TPD role and to help those already in the role to think through how they might become even more effective. The expectation is that the individual will work their way through these on-line modules and then attend a face to face workshop organised by their Head of School where specialty specific information and expectations will be shared.


Although specialties don’t always use the TPD in the same way, all TPDs are there to ensure that trainees get the right experience and training in each year of their specialty training in order to progress towards their CCT. The role may encompass any or all of the following depending on how their specialty is organised:


  • Allocating trainees to rotations.

  • Sitting on and perhaps chairing ARCP panels.

  • Reallocating trainees who need more training or development (those who do not receive a satisfactory outcome at the ARCP).

  • Supporting trainees in difficulty.

  • Balancing the needs of the trainee(s) with those of the service.


TPDs need to be familiar with the Gold Guide to Specialty Training and with the intricacies of the ARCP Outcomes. They need to understand the rules and regulations related to trainees taking time out of training for research, experience or any other reason. They should be well networked across the Deanery and understand which departments and which educational and clinical supervisors might work better with certain types of trainees. And they need to get to know the trainees in their specialty.


The modules are as follows


  1. What you need to know

  2. How to run an ARCP panel

  3. Focus on deciding ARCP outcomes

  4. Focus on finding solutions

  5. Try it out

  6. Quiz


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