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Workshops on mentoring and coaching

Workshop and Masterclass on mentoring and coaching


The context

Edgecumbe provides acclaimed training for clinicians as coaches and mentors. We provide a half day introductory workshop or a full day Masterclass covering both skill sets to prepare clinicians to use both coaching and mentoring, as appropriate, to support newly qualified consultants as well as existing consultants. The Masterclass has also proven to be of great benefit to Educational and Clinical Supervisors. 


The transition from trainee to new consultant can be fraught with more difficulties than one might have anticipated. Alongside the excitement and relief associated with ‘finally’ becoming a consultant, individuals will face many new and unexpected challenges.


Both newly qualified consultants and consultants joining new teams or Trusts must be equipped with the skills to navigate through the interpersonal dynamics of an established team, find their own voice, and make it heard. Mentors can serve to facilitate easier transitions and integrations by helping individuals to develop these skills and more.


Our mentoring workshops help aspiring mentors to learn the basic skills required to guide consultants through such transitions. We offer both half day and full day workshops and action learning sets as a way of developing mentoring skills.


Coaching workshops are focused on developing the skills required of an effective coach including structured questioning, listening and observation, and giving feedback.



The workshops

Our workshops are bespoke, meaning your values can be incorporated into our programmes so we can design workshops to suit your needs. They can either focus on coaching or mentoring, or a combination of the two. The workshops ensure that mentors and coaches:


  • Understand what effective mentoring/coaching is, and the requirements of the role

  • Are equipped with the foundation skills required for mentoring/coaching

  • Are supported in their development as mentors/coaches


The skills the workshops address include:


  • What makes an effective mentor/coach

  • Common challenges in mentoring/coaching

  • Structuring mentoring/coaching conversations

  • Foundation skills in mentoring/coaching


Our approach

Our workshops are highly interactive and practical as content is taught both directly, and learned through experiential work such as real life case studies, role play, group collaboration, feedback and individual reflection. Our workshops are designed for clinicians and can be tailored to your specific needs, concerns and ideas.


For more information

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A 'master-class' as it pushed us. New knowledge and plenty to think about, good interaction and excellent facilitator.”

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