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Consultant Selection

Consultant Selection with Candidate Insight


Recruitment reports for high-stakes selection

We help employers make the right selection decisions for key appointments whether they be business leaders or healthcare professionals, including medical consultant and medical manager appointments.

With this service, Edgecumbe’s highly qualified psychologists prepare a report on short-listed candidates. The report is based on psychometric personality measures and provides a valuable and accurate insight into the traits, attitudes and behaviours most likely to help or hinder the candidate in the job. We work with clients in one of two ways:


The Core Solution

Our assessment is based on the Primary Colours ® Leadership Model (described below).

The Tailored Solution

The assessment is based on your competency/values model. Primary Colours ® can help you to create one.


These are not computer generated outputs, instead they are unique reports written by occupational psychologists which are peer reviewed before release. We use gold standard, academically validated personality questionnaires which provide a reliable prediction of successful job performance.


Let the candidate shape the interview

Each report makes recommendations for selection interviews, including some suggested interview questions designed to explore specific areas identified in the psychometric profiles.


What's included in the report:


  • Candidates’ likely strengths or weaknesses against the competency/values model.
  • Likely derailing behaviour under pressure.
  • Likely organisational fit, based on personal values and drivers.


“We have been very impressed with the support that we have received from Edgecumbe in terms of incorporating psychometric profiling to support our new recruitment and selection process.”

Lindsey Ferries

Director of Human Resources

Golden Jubilee National Hospital


Competency Model

Our Core Candidate Insight service uses the Primary Colours ® competency model below. By selecting our Tailored Solution, our psychology consultants will complete their report around your own competency model. Don’t have one? Talk to us at Edgecumbe Health and see how we can help.


The Primary Colours ® Model of Leadership

Developed over 25 years of research and refinement, the Primary Colours ® leadership model is based on ideas we have taught to executives at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School for several years. This report makes those ideas ready for use with managers and leaders at all levels in organisations.



Primary Colours Model



The clarity of the model's conceptual structure has some important benefits:


  • It is easy for line managers to understand, remember and use in their daily practice.
  • It enables meaningful team and organisation level aggregation of individual assessment data.
  • It reflects evidence on causal links between personality, leadership behaviour, employee engagement and performance.
  • It provides clear linkages to common strategy models, simplifying the alignment of strategy and leadership.


“Appointing a new consultant is one of the most expensive decisions a Trust can make. Over a period of 25 years the investment in one individual may run into millions of pounds.”

Dr Jenny King

“As one of the top-performing trusts in the country, we want to ensure we select the very best individuals to work here. Our partnership with Edgecumbe in undertaking a complete review of our approach to consultant selection has been invaluable. They brought an incisive, evidence-based focus and challenge to develop a compelling case for change, whether through their leadership of stakeholder engagement, design of future process or delivery of training to assessors. The leading-edge approach ensured we embedded UCLH values – safety, kindness, teamwork and improving – into every aspect of decision-making.”

Jeremy Over
Head of Workforce
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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