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Doctors in Difficulty

Working with doctors in difficulty

Whilst most doctors in the NHS are highly committed and work very effectively, a minority can give cause for concern. At the root of many of these concerns are issues relating to behaviour. If concerns are tackled early they can often be prevented from escalating into more intractable problems. Taking a supportive and developmental approach towards the doctor is generally preferable to the disciplinary route. This is where Edgecumbe can help.


The service we offer

  • Initial confidential telephone consultation and/or meeting with the referrer (no-obligation).
  • Agreement of terms of reference, and drawing up of relevant documentation to engage the doctor.
  • Psychometric testing.
  • Diagnostic interview and feedback with an occupational psychologist.
  • A full written assessment report for the doctor and the referrer, with practical recommendations for addressing the concerns.
  • Post-assessment advice and guidance as necessary.
  • Where required, behavioural coaching can be provided following the assessment.


What kind of difficulties will we deal with?

 A wide range of behavioural issues including (but not confined to) problems with:


  • Working relationships.
  • Communication with colleagues and patients.
  • Leadership Teamworking.
  • Coping with stress and pressure at work.
  • Time management decision making.


What are the benefits?

  • Timely and high-quality assesment reports.
  • Clear, practical recommendations that address the concerns.
  • A nationally validated approach.
  • A conscientious and confidential service from our consultants and support team.


Why use Edgecumbe?

Our team has unrivalled experience amounting to over 20 years of working with doctors. Since 2002, we have been conducting behavioural assessments for doctors referred to the National Clinical Assessment Service (the first port of call for any serious concerns about a doctor).

We understand doctors and the context in which they work, and the particular pressures that this can bring to them and their colleagues. This gives us significant credibility with the doctors themselves, in turn making it easier to engage and work with them to reach a solution that can work for all parties. As this work is highly specialised, we only involve Chartered Psychologists with specific experience of assessing doctors in the NHS.


For further information

Please email megan.joffe@edgecumbe.co.uk

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

“I found the process very useful – thinking through beforehand, the 360 appraisal and the interview with you. The concepts of strengths that can derail if overplayed is one I hadn’t really thought of and I’m sure that contributed to some of the difficulties in my previous environment. Having greater insight will, I hope, help avoid a repeat. It certainly helped to make sense of why some of my previous relationships started well but subsequently deteriorated. The positive 360 has also helped to restore my confidence a bit more.”

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