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Leading Culture Change

A systematic approach to Leadership-led culture change

The challenge - We know what our NHS culture needs to be: compassionate, patient-centred, cost-effective, agile and resilient. The Francis, Berwick and Keogh reviews describe NHS organisations that put patient safety first, continually learn and improve, and support and enable all staff. This requires leaders who create a positive environment in which all staff are engaged and motivated to contribute to the success of the whole organisation.


Leading such a transformation in culture is a major challenge to NHS organisations. Such a change will require a systematic and disciplined approach that needs to start at the very top of the organisation. Without the right culture, system and process improvement initiatives are unlikely to yield the benefits that are envisaged.


The proposition

This is a self-directed and self-supported facilitated programme. It's designed to support leaders to bring about and sustain a culture where patient experience and safety is paramount, and where staff are engaged and contributing to improving the quality of care and able to cope with the pressure of frontline healthcare.


This systematic approach to developing leadership effectiveness across the organisation brings to the fore the critical human factors of personality traits and behaviours that impact so much on organisational culture. The programme is built on the proven Primary Colours® Model of Leadership. Developed over 25 years of research and refinement, it embodies concepts we have taught to executives and senior civil servants at Oxford University's Saïd Business School for several years. We bring these ideas to life for use with leaders and managers at all levels. It forms a powerful complement to traditional business process improvement methods.


How does it work?

We enable organisations to access and develop the ability of individual leaders and their teams to create the conditions for sustained success. The chain of impacts can be summarised as follows:


The system begins by accessing who is in the team and what they are good at, how well they work together, before moving on to evaluating internal impacts and finally, the outcome and impacts on results. Throughout the process, data from each of these stages are constantly streamed to the leadership team using our rigorous diagnostic tools. These data yield powerful insights that can then be actioned by the leadership team and the organisation.


What makes this approach different?

The key differences can be summarised as follows:

  1. We capture the cruicial role of personality traits in leader performance and development. Traditional competency-based methods imply that it is only behaviour that matters; effective leadership involves a combination  of traits and behaviour, and traits shape behaviour.
  2. We focus on impact, not just performance. Competency assessments tell you what a leader can do, we measure the impact leaders have on those they lead.
  3. We use best-in-class diagnostic tools, anchored to a common model, to provide an integrated measure of leadership at individual, team and organisational levels.
  4. We provide a coherent model rather than a shopping list of desired behaviours. This makes it easy for line managers and leaders to understand, remember and apply in their daily practice.
  5. We provide a framework which can be used to shape recruitment, talent management, succession, development and cultural change processes.


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