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Teams in Difficulty

Conflict resolution and team facilitation

Effective team working is widely recognised as central to safe, high quality patient care. In the UK's National Health Service many teams are in a state of flux. Change to team membership, weak leadership, unclear roles and objectives, and wider organisational turmoil put the team at risk of dysfunction.


Edgecumbe has a national reputation for its work with clinical teams. We help them in the following ways:


  • Agree their purpose, values and goals.
  • Develop greater insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team members.
  • Develop a greater resilience and ability to respond constructively to external pressures and demands.
  • Establish a code of behaviour that will enhance their relationships and the effectiveness of the delivery of the clinical service.


How do we achieve this?

All our work with clinical teams involves highly qualified occupational psychologists with specific experience of multi-disciplinary healthcare teams in a wide variety of clinical specialties.

A typical process:


  • Full consultation with the senior management team.
  • Facilitated team meetings.
  • Report with recommendations.
  • Follow up sessions to sustain changes.
  • Our service is easy to access, confidential and highly responsive.


Please email megan.joffe@edgecumbe.co.uk or call us on 0117 3328255.

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“I seriously cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for the support you gave us in turning this important service around.”

Chief Nurse of a London NHS teaching hospital

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