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Edgecumbe Health at the 2017 'Managing Doctors in Difficulty and Difficult Doctors' conference

24-January-2017 15:27
in General
by Rebecca Lees

We are proud to announce that Edgecumbe Health Consultant Dr Megan Joffe will be running an extended session at the 2017 'Managing Doctors in Difficulty and Difficult Doctors' conference.


Click here to read more about the conference and reserve your place in London on the 8th May: Managing Doctors in Difficulty Conference


Extended Session: Managing and working with difficult behaviour

A doctor’s work is always challenging. Working in the context of the current pressures of the NHS makes it even more so. The typical daily pressures on an individual’s resources, such as energy, patience, kindness, concentration etc. are even more profound in the current extremely high-pressure environment.


It is not unusual in such circumstances for individuals to respond in ways that not only make them difficult to work with, but which also potentially put themselves (their reputation, their effectiveness in the team etc.) and their progress or career at risk. Moreover, it may also be that their patient care is at risk. Understanding personality and behaviour and how pressure might impact their performance and result in them being perceived as a ‘doctor in difficulty’ is what my session at this workshop will focus on. It will also draw your attention to how to manage the individual concerned so that potential problems are detected early and don’t escalate.    


                                                                                Dr Megan Joffe, Registered Clinical & Occupational Psychologist,

                                                                                Health Practice Lead Edgecumbe Consulting Group Ltd


Other speakers at the event include:


Dr Peter Belfield, Medical Director Invited Service Reviews RCP London

Marian Martin, AdviserNational Clinical Assessment Service

Dr Umesh Prabhu, Medical DirectorWrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Richard Breeze, Consultant Intensivist and Anaesthetist, Clinical Director of Critical Care Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust



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