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News from the Strengthened Medical Appraisal and Revalidation Conference

07-July-2010 0:00
in General
by Admin

We recently attended the Strengthened Medical Appraisal and Revalidation Conference on 30th June 2010 to gather the latest updates on revalidation planning and piloting.


For those of you who couldn’t attend, the main headlines from the conference were:


1. Multi-Source Feedback (360°) There will not be just one MSF tool approved in England. The GMC will approve a number of providers once criteria are confirmed through pilots this year. This is not the case in Scotland. They are looking to appoint one MSF tool.


2. Revalidation will be a single process  The main issue under debate currently is - Are Appraisers equipped to be both Judge and Appraiser?  This ties in with whether the Appraiser should be from the same speciality. The Royal Colleges and GMC support Appraisers from the same speciality as only they can judge if the supporting information for Speciality Frameworks is appropriate (reference Appendix 2 “The Way Ahead” GMC Consultation Paper).

RST results from the Merseyside pilot in 2009 seem to suggest that appraisers from outside of the appraisees’ speciality would be ok.


3. Responsible Officers  To support revalidation being a single process the Responsible Officer role and those who will be ROs will be decided by October/this autumn. 


4. Early Adopters for Revalidation  These will now commence in the spring of 2012.

The extra year is not to extend the pathfinder pilots. It will be used to consolidate findings from pathfinder pilots and run smaller projects to tease out any further problems highlighted by the pathfinder pilot sites.  If the pathfinder pilot sites find certain assessments for Supporting Information more cost effective than others they will run with these and drop the more costly ones.     


5. Phased roll out of revalidation  This will be 2012 – 2017.


6. Appraiser Training - skills  It is felt that Appraisers will need to be given support and training in assessing portfolios to enable them to make a judgement on the supporting information presented.

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