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Our user survey results

01-January-2012 0:00
in General
by Admin

We recently began a survey of all doctors who have used our Doctor 360 product since February 2009 when we last upgraded our questionnaires and online tool.  We are pleased to have had around 300 responses to the survey in the last two weeks with extremely positive feedback so far. 

Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to provide feedback so far.


Highlights from the survey were:


• 90% doctors agree that the online tool was easy to navigate.

• Over 80% doctors agree that the questionnaires are relevant.

• 65% doctors completed the questionnaire in less than 15 minutes.

• Over 70% doctors completed the 360 process and received their report in less than 6 weeks.

• 80% doctors said that the report provided useful information for their appraisal.


This confirms that our questionnaires, process and online system are working well for the vast majority, and leading to “useful” and “constructive” feedback reports for doctors.  Having said that, there are areas where we believe we can improve so we are now using all of the feedback we have gathered over the last 2 years in a full review and upgrade of our Doctor 360 product and online system. 

(Most used words in comments from doctors can be seen in the word diagram above - font size is proportionate to frequency of words used.)

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