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Calling all NHS Medical Managers: A date for your diary

06-October-2012 0:00
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Edgecumbe are sponsoring a Consultant Selection conference with Healthcare Events on the 9th June in Manchester.

If you are interested in attending, click here for full details


Here Megan Joffe explains why more and more Trusts are prioritising this area for attention.


How much time and energy at your Trust goes towards selecting a new consultant colleague?.


Given that the cost associated with a consultant over the course of their working life in your team or hospital is likely to be more - probably much more – than the cost of a new home, the question is, is it sufficient to:


• Ask HR to write a job description and person specification

• Ask the candidates to prepare a presentation on their ideas for the future of the department

• Meet half an hour before the panel interview with other panel members to discuss who will ask which questions

• Read their application and CV – particularly noting who they have worked with and for, where they trained and how many research papers they have written?


Using such a process with how much confidence could you answer these questions about your successful candidate?

• Is the candidate likely to be as valuable a team member as team leader?

• What type of leadership style are they most likely to display?

• How do they react to conflict? How do they manage conflict?

• Can they persuade reluctant others to a new way of thinking/working? How are they likely to do this?

• How does their behaviour change when they are under pressure?

• How easily will they fit in with your current team?

• What will they bring to the team (other than their specific technical skills) that will make this a better team?

• If a new consultant how are they likely to manage the transition from trainee to consultant?

Importantly, will you be able to provide evidence that is beyond what they said in answer to your questions?

How many sources of evidence can you provide? Remember too that it is easy enough to create a positive impression during a 45 minute interview – haven’t you done so yourself? First impressions can be wrong, we know that we tend to recruit in our image – does your department need more of you or someone with a different set of skills and new attitudes?

We know that the following makes a difference to your selection process:


• A panel trained in observation and structured interviewing

• A process consisting of a variety of exercises requiring situational judgement so that triangulating evidence can be obtained

• The use of psychometrics to inform observations and appropriate questions


Using all of these rather than only one method incrementally increases the predictive validity of making a good selection decision. These techniques can also help you to select out those candidates who will not work well in your context, culture and team.


Edgecumbe Health in association with Healthcare Events are co-sponsoring their second Consultant Conference this time in Manchester after last year’s successful event in London. We have put together an exciting programme of speakers to give you an understanding of best practice; successful use of new methodology; problems associated with implementing a new system; and the legal implications of introducing a new selection process. Hear from experts and users including Medical Directors, Clinical Directors and Human Resource Professionals.

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