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Edgecumbe's Doctor 360 receives another favourable external review

11-October-2012 0:00
in General
by Admin

We recently commissioned a piece of research into the psychometric properties of our Doctor 360 tool. Specifically we wanted to find out how many colleagues and patients were required to give feedback in order for a doctor’s report to be considered reliable and generalizable. We therefore commissioned Dr James Crossley, Senior Fellow in Medical Education, University of Sheffield, to conduct this research for us.


We are very pleased to say that our colleague and patient feedback tools have, again, been evaluated extremely positively;


• Validity - The structure of our questionnaire is “outstanding” and makes “meaningful responding more likely”. This provides psychometric evidence of the validity of our tool. Alternative evidence of validity comes from the appropriateness of its content (as judged favourably by the external RCGP report, 2011), and by its “face validity”, the extent to which the users of the questionnaire agree that its content is relevant. In our recent user survey 93% of respondents agree that the questions covered were relevant. Together this emerges as very good evidence of Edgecumbe Doctor 360’s validity in measuring doctors’ practice and behaviour.


• Reliability - The research reported that in order to reach a reliability coefficient of 0.7 (a commonly expected threshold for “in-training/formative” assessments) our tool requires just 12 colleagues and 17 patients to complete feedback. Such low respondent requirements are a testament to the design and structure of our questionnaires. It is also good news for many doctors working in smaller teams or practices who may find it difficult to identify more than 12 colleagues who they communicate or work with regularly.


We are delighted by the progress of our colleague and patient feedback tools, which were first developed back in the 1990s as the first developmental feedback measure for doctors. We continue to develop all of our developmental tools with the help of external reviewers and feedback from our users, in order to ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality measures.

If you would like to know more about our colleague and patient feedback tools please get in touch with Becky Lees on 0117 9258822 or email becky.lees@edgecumbe.co.uk

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