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The need to overhaul how we select clinical leaders

13-February-2013 0:00
in General
by Dr. Jenny King

The Francis Report, and the response of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, was clear that care, compassion and candour are core values that must characterise patient care. Hospitals have traditionally recruited for technical skills and knowledge; more recently for behaviour and attitudes; but how many are recruiting for values? And this begs the question – how do you recruit for values such as compassion? David Cameron posed this challenge yesterday in the House of Commons. Healthcare organisations must find ways to build this in to their recruitment process when assessing and selecting clinical leaders and indeed anyone involved in delivering health care.  And we must do more than pay just lip service to values. Too many organisations produce statements of values that simply produce cynicism when leaders declare the values but do not demonstrate them through their own behaviour. Everyone, from the Chair and Chief Executive downwards, should be recruited – in a robust, fair and evidence-based way – for the values of which Francis speaks – care, compassion, and candour.


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