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Francis - Fix it and forget it?

21-February-2013 0:00
in General
by Dr. Megan Joffe

The ramifications and implications from the Francis report are enormous and need careful thought. There are likely to be some immediate and quick fixes to your organisation but these will be few. Some of these changes may be in the area of recruiting more staff, putting in training; improving information collection and flow; making data available etc but the major changes are long term and not easily done through a quick fix.  Developing an open culture where everyone feels safe to raise concerns and confident that they will be listened to is more than saying “we have an open door policy; come and talk to us”. Getting out of your office, having a presence on the wards; in the staff dining room; meeting your staff in small groups etc helps people to know you and recognise you.  A photograph on the website and at the hospital entrance isn’t enough. Finding, respecting and giving freedom to the expression of care and compassion in a public and committed manner will give an important message to all who work in your hospital. Following up on concerns, reporting on changes and celebrating examples of good practice and changes as a result of listening will be key to showing how serious you are about changing your culture.  Doing so regularly, consistently and in a public way will go some way but it’s not enough.  Get personal – meet people, show interest, be there – this isn’t a fix it and forget it type of problem. And it’s not something to be delegated – everyone in a senior position should be doing this, role modelling what value driven behaviour.

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