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A multi-factorial process or some training?

26-March-2013 0:00
in General
by Dr. Megan Joffe

Following the introduction of revalidation a small number of doctors are likely to have to engage with a Performance Development Plan (PDP) which may require a period of training outside their usual place of work. The PDP is only the tip of the iceberg in the remediation process. Assuming the plan is completed what happens when the doctor returns to the original place of work? 


Even the best PDPs can be compromised by not attending to the feelings of the doctor concerned and those of his or her colleagues.  The stress caused by feeling ‘singled out’ or seen as a doctor in need of remediation, with associated feelings of shame, guilt, humiliation, anger, vengefulness and embitterment, could scupper the PDP and the return to work.  Re-establishing  trust between the doctor and the team;  dealing with unresolved conflict and having effective team leadership and relationships should not be underestimated for their potential to undermine successful remediation. The appropriate culture and climate in the workplace is central for effective performance and behaviour from everyone. The appropriate support rather than an attitude of “just get on with it” is another factor in successful reintegration or remediation. Finally, the organisation itself should not escape scrutiny – what is the doctor’s perception of organisational justice – this concept refers to the perception that the process  (appraisal, remediation, revalidation, referral for training, the PDP etc ) was fair and the doctor was treated with appropriate dignity and respect.


These issues will be explored in a presentation by Dr Megan Joffe at a conference on 16th April entitled Responding to Concerns about a Doctor’s Performance.  Click here to see the full programme.

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