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Edgecumbe Group staff day 2013

19-August-2013 0:00
in General
by Suzannah Varma

 Earlier this month Edgecumbe Group shut up shop for the day and took our staff off for a wet and wild time at Waterland, Cotswolds.



Upon arrival we took the opportunity to get our whole team together for a business meeting.  This is somewhat difficult to achieve in our business with clients all over the world so it was great to finally get to speak to everyone both in person and in the same room. 


Our day began with a business update from David Pendleton, Executive Chairman, which moved on to an analysis of what is going well in the business and the on going puzzles we face.


We then heard our plans for our latest Primary Colours® brand marketing campaign from Jon Bird, Marketing Executive, and Jon Cowell, Director, which we are buzzing to tell you about in good time...


Once we had arrived at the water park, we enjoyed a BBQ before splitting into two teams.  Team A built a raft, while Team B attempted to sail - which turned into canoeing due to the lack of wind!  We later swapped activities with an end of day raft race between the teams inevitable!


Photos from the day (Flash required)


Who won the race is still a sensitive subject!  Luckily the rain held off until right at the end when our clothes were beyond saving. After that it was off to the bar via a hot shower followed by a delightful evening enjoying each other’s company.


Overall, everyone had a great time and we all truly appreciated the opportunity to get together, have fun and work on something completely different outside of the usual workplace.


Chris Marshall

Managing Director


This was not so much a team building day, it was more of a thank you to all our staff who have contributed so much to a successful period for our business. Our own staff survey showed that we have exceptionally high levels of employee engagement and we hope all our clients benefit from the commitment and dedication they show. We truly are very grateful of the team we have developed – they are living proof that if you practice what we preach, we all thrive.





David Pendleton

Executive Chairman


For me it's very simple:


Some years ago, I decided I didn't want to work with people I didn't like or respect: life's too short. Our awayday confirmed for me that I had made the right decision. My colleagues are not just intelligent, professional and hard working, they are also utterly delightful human beings and I am proud of them all.


Jon Cowell

Director & Primary Colours Practice Lead

To Chris’s point, first and foremost this was a celebration (dressing up, prizes, mild inebriation: all the ingredients) of our achievements as a team in the previous 12 months.  But we also recognise the benefits of building relationships which go beyond what’s necessary to get the job done.  To adapt a proven saw: a team that plays together stays together.  We hope so.

Jenny King

Director & Health Practice Lead


In a busy consultancy like ours where work is full-on  it is good to spend time with our team getting to know them at a more personal level - seeing them at their most relaxed, and being able to play. Being playful is such a valuable part of work yet it's easy to lose it along the way, and too often we leave our more light hearted selves outside the door when we walk into work. Struggling into a wetsuit in a damp dark changing room, perching on a home made raft that feels as though it could sink at any minute, seeing people combat their fear of water and feeling proud of themselves when they've done it; and learning new things about colleagues through the "Would I lie to You" quiz over dinner - these things are fun, levelling, and provide an endless fund of photos and anecdotes that fuel the team's motivation and form part of the company's history.  I am glad to have been part of it.



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