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External review of medical revalidation shows encouraging signs

30-September-2013 0:00
in General
by Chris Marshall

Are medical appraisers becoming truly proficient in conducting appraisals?
Edgecumbe’s Chris Marshall thinks they may be.


Last week we delivered a report of the medical revalidation system and process to a Foundation Trust in the North of England. The review looked at the leadership, management and administrative processes, the outputs that the process generates and the attitudes and experiences of both appraisers and appraisees.

It was clear that the Trust in question was in good shape. It has put in place for the most part the measures,  resources and practices that have been advocated by the Revalidation Support Team in the hope that this would provide medical managers and appraisers with the tools, experience, motivation and skills to make appraisal and revalidation not only a robust process but somewhat more than an exercise in compliance.

Whilst aspects were identified where there is still scope for improvement, there were many encouraging factors; the most interesting and indeed encouraging was that almost all doctors who responded found the process not only helpful but also motivational.

At Edgecumbe we regularly conduct employee surveys across a wide range of organisations and professions, and our research illustrates that managing the appraisal process is something that many employers find difficult to do well. I am sure that most of us have experienced at some time in our careers an appraisal which was neither helpful nor motivating, and in some cases completely demotivating.

The results in this particular Trust suggest that appraisal is being done at least as well as the best employers. Of course it’s just one Trust, so we cannot jump to firm conclusions.   When one considers, however, the amount of thinking that has gone into developing appraisal and revalidation for doctors, the effort and the investment that has been made in supporting systems and training and the critical requirement to get it right perhaps we ought not to be surprised. It is nevertheless gratifying to know that when done well it can prove to be a very valuable process for medical leaders as well of course for the doctors themselves.

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