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No surpise as the NHS is still a political football throughout the campaign

01-May-2015 15:06
in General
by Chris Marshall

One week to go and some sort of coalition is on the cards. Hands up all those who hope that when the next government is formed there will be renewed calls for an all-party commission to be set up to report on the provision and funding of our health service over the coming decades.


Everyone knows that we cannot carry on as we are. The pressure on the system is so great, with no sign of abating, that the impact on patients and staff is becoming increasingly intolerable.


Everyone knows that the demand on healthcare provision can only grow.   


Most people accept that costs are increasing and are willing to pay more.


Most people feel that those who cannot afford to pay should be looked after.


Behind the tiresome, divisive and misleading political points scoring, there actually appears, from what I read and hear, to be little difference in the values of our political leaders when it comes to having a world class health service for the nation.


If we start from the vision and values that most of us share, surely it is not beyond us to find the right formula to fund the service properly and secure its future.


Those of us who want to see an all-party approach need to make our voices heard.

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